I really dislike thimbles…


so I tear up duct tape – yes, the gray super sticky stuff – it about 1/2′ square pieces and layer it in the appropriate spot on my finger with a larger strip over the whole thing to hold in place.  I can sew and sew without poking my finger… and when it happens, remove the duct tape and may a new “thimble”.


Monday Sew In


With the holiday weekend here, we are going wild and will be getting together on Monday to work on/finish the last of the Yarnell quilts.  I always look forward to seeing everyone and catching up on the news…  oh, yeah…  and getting some sewing done.


Saturday Sew-In


We call it a “sew-in”… and we gets tons of sewing done… but the benefis of girls getting together to sew is more than just sewing. We laugh, we talk, we share ideas, we share stories, we support each other through challenges, and we work together with a common purpose. It seems there isn’t anything that can replicate the bonding that goes on over fabric and needle.

Thank you my sewing friends.